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CROP Technology Group

Surge Protection

Lighting & Electrical
Surge Protection


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Lighting & Electrical  -  Circuit Breaker

Offer Post Time: 2013-05-21

Serial Code:

Model: FDS series


Carriage: FOB China


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD


 FDS16 surge protective Devices(referred as SPD)provide protection against surge current resulted from direct or indirect lightning strike or similar surge voltage. SPD is applicable to circuit with rated voltage up to 400V~, rated frequency 50/60Hz.

The product, using metal oxide varistor, designed to protect both phase and neutralline, is of high electricity  resistance under normal operations.In case of surge current or voltage caused by lightning strike or similar, SPD functions quickly to conduct the surge  voltage/current to earth and thus effectively prevent the downstream equipments of its protected line from destruction. SPD resume its high electricity resistance to secure normal operation of the protected power network without presence of the surge voltage.




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